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General Multicultural Resources

  • Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics (Ref E184 A1 E574)
  • Five Views: An Ethnic Sites Survey for California (F870 A1 F54 1988)
  • Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups (Ref E184.A1 H35)
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States (Ready Ref HA202 U5)
  • Voices of Multicultural America: notable speeches delivered by African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native Americans, 1790-1995 (Ref PS663 M55 V64)
  • Women of color and southern women : a bibliography of social science research, 1975 to 1988 (Ref Z7964 U49 W637 1988)

African Americans

  • Afro-American Folk Culture (Ref Z5984 A44 S95 2 vols.)
  • Black American Women in Literature (Ref Z1229 N39 G57 1989)
  • Black Firsts: 2,000 Years of Extraordinary Achievement (E185 B574 1994)
  • Dictionary of Afro-American Slavery (Ref E441 D53 1988)
  • Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History (Ref 185 E54 1996)
  • Encyclopedia of Black America (Ref E185.E55)

Asian Americans

  • Asian American Encyclopedia (Ref E184 O6 A827)
  • Asian American Novelists (Ref PS 153 A84 A825)
  • Asian American Studies: an annotated bibliography and research guide (Ref Z1361 O7 K56)
  • Asian American Women and Gender (Ref E184 O6 A8424)
  • Dictionary of Asian American History (Ref E184 O6 D53)
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America (Electronic Book)

Hispanic Americans

  • Chicano Literature: A Reference Guide (Ref PS153 M4 C46 1984)
  • Latino Encyclopedia (Ref E184 S75 L357 1996)
  • A Latino Heritage, Series V: A Guide to Juvenile Books about Latino People and Cultures (Ref Z1609 C5 S365 1995)
  • Notable Hispanic American Women (Ref E184 S75 N68 1993)

Native Americans

  • Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume (Ref E98 C8 P37 1994)
  • Encyclopedia of Native American Religions (Ref E98 R3 H73)
  • Handbook of North American Indians (Ref E77 H25)
  • Nations Within Nations: Historical Statistics of American Indians (Ref E77 S924 1987)
  • Native American Women: A Biographical Dictionary (Ref E98 W8 B38)
  • Statistical Record of Native North Americans (Ref E98P76 S73)

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